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Health & Safety

Lynx Cleaning Limited provides a Comprehensive service to all our clients and are always available to them 24 hrs a day

The company acknowledges and accepts its legal responsibilities for securing the health, safety and welfare of all its employees and subcontractors working on its behalf and all others affected by their activities. The company does make every effort to carry on its business in such a way that injury to its employees may be avoided and they work in safe and healthy conditions. It also takes all practical steps to ensure that all the equipment is maintained in a safe working condition and that the methods of work are safe so far as reasonably practicable.


The company provides employees with all necessary safety equipment which must be used at all times on work which necessitates use of such equipment and hold the supervisor responsible to see that this is put into effect. It is also the responsibility of each employee to use the safety equipment provided and be actively involved in maintaining safe operating conditions and practices.

The company carriesout a regular review of this policy to ensure that these standards of health and safety are maintained.

As well as the monitoring of the Health & Safety Policy, Lynx Cleaning Ltd needs to be sure that Health & Safety standards are being maintained at all places of work.

Procedure will be followed to ensure that these standards are monitored regularly. Directors are required to carry out regular inspections of their areas of control. These will range, for example, from spot checks to particular aspects of safety assessments, such as the reporting of accidents, to more detailed and thorough inspections of their areas by Management.

Health & Safety monitoring will be affected by means of internal and external safety audits using competent staff and external Safety Consultants if required by the client.

Our external assessors are SAFE contractor, National Britannia Group. 029 2085 9217

The objective of such monitoring is to achieve:

  • The identification of actual and potential hazards
  • The removal or control of these hazards
  • The identification of where standards need to be introduced or modified
  • The demonstration of Management's commitment to Health & Safety

Lynx Cleaning Limited iscommitted to the concept of quality, quality in the service itprovides to its clients and quality in the risks itinsures.

Lossprevention does not necessarily cost a large sum of money.It can actually save money through a more efficient and safer working environment and reduce costs to the employer of uninsured losses.

Elimination of accidents at work can have a real benefit to any business; production isnot interrupted, local or national reputation remains intact and the workforce ismore content. In addition, it can help contain increases in insurance premiums for Employers' Liability cover as claim numbers and costs continue to soar. A commitment to quality and loss prevention can actually save money helping the business to flourish.


Prior to the commencement of work the person in control of any task must ensure that the appropriate materials, equipment and procedures are available to enable them to be implemented.


It is essential that the persons in control of any task ensure that the standards are maintained throughout the life of that task. Therefore, standards must be monitored on a day-to-day basis.

Personal Protective Equipment at Work (PPE) Regulations 1992

Where risks are not adequately controlled by other means, employers will have a duty to ensure that suitablePPEis provided free of charge for employees exposed to these risks and ensuring thatPPEis properly used. Duties also include:

Maintaining cleaning and replacingPPE

Providing storage forPPEwhen not being used

Providing adequate training and information in the use ofPPE

Protective Creams and cleansers: Always apply barrier creams onyou'rehands and wash off all oils, dirt etc with the correct skin cleanser. It will also assist your skin if you use a skin moisturizer after washing.

Protective- Clothing: LYNX strongly believes that the wearing of protective clothing prevents accidents occurring to yourself.It is therefore Lynx's policy to supply all staff with appropriate protective clothing, which you must wear when carrying out your work.When choosing the type and style of your protective clothing it is in your own interest for the clothing to be the correct fit, comfortable to wear and suitable for the work which you carry out.

These may be Tabards in S, M, L, and EL as well as Polo shirts in the same sizes.

Rubber gloves are also provided from size 7 to 10, and should be worn when appropriate.

Protective Equipment: Always wear the correct type of protection, e.g. goggles, earmuffs, gloves etc.Never attempt to take short cuts by not using this protection. However you should never need earmuffs or goggles cleaning offices!

Mechanical Tool & Plant: You must not use any mechanical tools or Plant until you have been properly trained and have been given the authority to use them. You should only use mechanical tools or plant supplied by Lynx Cleaning Limited.

Do not attempt to repair or maintain tools, equipment or plant etc. if you have not received full instructions or training.

If any tools, equipment or plant etc. have any defects, report them to your Supervisor or Manager.Do not use until defects have been repaired.

Immediately report all dangerous occurrences (i.e. near misses), accidents or damage, however slight, to your Supervisor or Manager.There is a formal reporting procedure in place, which must be followed.The Health & Safety Manual provides detailed guidance.

Risk Assessments

Employees throughout their work carry out risk assessments continuously. Hazards are considered and work methodsestablishedto minimize the risk of injury to themselves and others affected by the work. Where the employee does not have sufficient knowledge about a specific hazard, such as work in confined spaces, they will take further advice from theH&Sadviser if required. The head of the company ensures operators are provided with appropriate instruction and training on risk assessments.

Method Statements

Formal method statements (safe working procedures) will be prepared in writing where the risk is particularly high. The Method statements will provide site-specific information on the task to be undertaken including site set up, chain of responsibility and will detail a clear sequence of work that would be followed in order to undertake the given task safely.


Staff should be certain that they are competent to operate plant, machinery and/or equipment provided by Lynx Cleaning Limited, or Lynx Residential. You should liaise with your Supervisor or Manager regarding proper training and instruction being arranged. A record of training received will be kept on your personnel file for future reference.

It isrecognisedthat training has an important part to play in a SafetyProgramme. The Company will ensure that adequate facilities, finance and resources are available to train all employees to carry out their tasks safely and efficiently.

No person will be required to perform any tasks unless he has been trained to do so, or that adequate instruction has been given.

All new employees will be issued with a resume of the Companies health & Safety Policy Statement and referred to the complete Document, which will be held in our Office to ensure their awareness of basic safety rules and procedures. The importance of Health & Safety will be stressed during the Induction days carried out by the Director as well as during the Induction Course.

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